How it all works...

1. If you have questions: Feel free to drop us a line with some details about what you’re looking for.  Depending on which service you’d like, one of us will contact you – if you require both of our services, lucky duck that you are you’ll get us both! From there we’ll set-up a coffee date…. our treat! (We can also just email, it’s up to you.)

2. The first meeting: We hang-out, we chat about how awesome your shoot is going to be and what you’re looking for. Maybe you have a whole stash of images or links to videos saved on your phone that you want to pull wardrobe ideas from or lighting concepts or poses. If you have some strict ideas in mind don’t feel weird or like you’re being pushy, we can’t wait to hear all about them, we love when clients come with a concept. Working with creatively-minded and passionate people is always a blast! That being said, if you have no clue what you want, that’s all right too, as that’s where we’ll start pulling from our time together, your hobbies, talents, personality, all that wonderful stuff that makes you you! We’ll converse and work up an outline in the meeting but be warned, we will be asking you a lot of questions about yourself and/or your project, lighting, mood, favourite films, colours, interests, if you have any pets, et c. - we want your shoot to reflect your personality and your vision as much as possible, the ‘wow factor’ is in details. 

3. Now that we feel we know one another: After we’ve gabbed, we’ll begin to discuss what you’ll be needing from us, what your expectations are and the services we can provide you with to best suit your needs. 

4. If you feel we’re the right fit for you: First we’ll probably hug it out or shake hands, then we can handle all the official stuff. If you came knowing exactly what you wanted, we can do it right then and there or we can set-up a second meeting for that. 

5. From there: We’ll go home, do some leg work, if need be draw up any further paperwork, possibly correspond back-and-forth sending images, files and/or concepts. Feel free to text or email if you have any questions about wardrobe or even if you’re just nervous.

6. The second meeting: A second meeting is typically where we’d sign a contract and you’d put down a deposit to hold your date. If it’s a wedding or a large shoot, we may schedule another meeting to touch base closer to the event date if you’re booking further into the future. During said time, we’ll also go over the timeframe, regarding our current workload and depending on the size of the job, so you know when you can expect to receive the finished product and how.

7.  Previews, and viewings:

  • Photography: Once the day is over, you can anticipate a sneak peek (depending on my schedule, sometime in the following 1-3 days,) of a few images capturing some of the highlights. Usually a few weeks later you’ll, receive an email with some info and a PIN once your images are ready. You’ll be able to view them here:

  • Videography: Typically, 2 – 8 weeks after your shoot date you’ll be given a USB with your video. However, delivery times vary greatly depending on the size and capacity of the project, but expect a few weeks.